Unlawful Occupant Evictions

The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994 is a very effective procedure in the eviction of unlawful occupants on your land. It allows us to act under Common Law, without the need for costly and time consuming land possession Court Orders.

All we require is your instruction, and our Enforcement Agents can immediately attend the site and issue eviction notices to all unlawful occupants. If they fail to leave we organise to re-attend the property with removal contractors, and Police if necessary, to evict the unlawful occupants, along with their vehicles, goods and chattels and personal possessions.

Each case is quoted on a case by case basis, depending on location & circumstances. Our costs are both reasonable and competitive, so please call us on 0778 6653208 or 0117 9040370 for a competitive quote.

In order to proceed with this service please complete the secure digital form below or email us for a downloadable copy of the form.

Revenue Services Unlawful Occupant Evictions

We’ve worked alongside the Revenue Services team for many years on a number of different cases involving the removal and arranging sale at auction of vehicles, factory and warehouse contents. They have always been calm, professional, efficient, knowledgeable and transparent with all their dealings in what is often a volatile environment.

Sam Ewins

Associate Director, Bristol Commercial Valuers & Auctioneers

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