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Debt Recovery


Do you have Clients who have not paid their invoices to you, and who ignore you when you try to chase payment?  Do you find they treat it as a “game” and make you work for what is owed to you? This can be extremely frustrating and costly to your business.

In most instances we find that although they may ignore your efforts to chase the payment, once we are instructed and make contact with your debtor, this is often enough to induce them into making the payment due, and if not, then we are there to continue to chase on your behalf, whilst fully complying with the ‘Pre-Action Protocol for Debts’, which came into effect in October 2017.

We can save you time, alleviate the stress that chasing unpaid invoices can cause, and hopefully free you up to concentrate on more important business priorities.

At Revenue Services our Clients have the confidence to trust what we are saying. That is why we have many clients who are still successfully using us for their debt recovery needs after more than two decades. Our success is recovering your money and keeping you happy.

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Revenue Services Commercial Rent Arrears

I have used James’s services on many occasions, and I have found him to be extremely effective and absolutely professional.  I’d prefer never to need to use him, but if the situation ever arises there is nobody else that I would even consider calling for help.

Malcom Cupis

Business owner, Business to Business PR Ltd

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