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Our Director, Mr. James Cohen, provides you with over 20 years’ experience within the Enforcement Industry. With his leadership and the commitment of our Enforcement Agents and Office Staff, Revenue Services has earned a reputation for customer success.

As a result of the continual success we provide for our Landlords legal requirements, we are proud to receive continual repeat business for our Enforcement services.

Revenue Services Commercial Rent Arrears

Commercial Rent Arrears

Is your Commercial Tenant in arrears with his rent?

Our approach to Commercial Rent Recovery means that not only can we recover the money that’s yours, but we ensure that wherever possible, we help you can maintain a relationship with your tenants into the future. Best of all, it’s free to Landlords, as all costs are borne by the Commercial Tenant.

Revenue Services Process Serving

of Lease

Has your Commercial Tenant failed to pay their rent? Have they breached another covenant of their lease?

If you decide that Forfeiture of Lease is the way to go, we at Revenue Services can affect the Forfeiture of a Commercial Lease quickly and effectively, without the need for a Court Order. We are extremely efficient at assisting Landlords to regain access and control of their Commercial properties with the minimum amount of disruption.

Revenue Services Unlawful Occupant Evictions

Unlawful Occupant

Is your land being utilised by unlawful occupants?

We understand that having unwanted visitors on your land can have serious financial consequences for a business, such as damage, noise and unwanted waste. Revenue Services are able to recover your land without the need for costly and lengthy Court Orders.

Revenue Services Process Serving


Do you have documents that require legally serving upon someone?

We at Revenue Services can quickly and efficiently collect and serve these documents, providing a Certificate of Service as confirmation that the documents have been served legally.

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