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As part of the requirement to become a Certificated Enforcement Agent, a requirement of the Court is that each agent has to pass the accredited examination of the Civil Enforcement Association in ‘Taking Control Of Goods’.

This CIVEA qualification is accredited by the IRRV as equivalent to Level 2 of the National Qualifications and Credit Framework.

However, not only do all our Enforcement Agents at Revenue Services Ltd have this Level 2 qualification, we are pleased to announce that we have also all passed an accredited Staffordshire University Level 3 examination in ‘Civil Enforcement’.

In our industry, it is critical to ensure staff are trained to the highest possible levels. Our team are often working in dangerous situations, or managing cases where vulnerability and safeguarding issues are encountered. This is why all of our team are trained far beyond the statutory requirement which ensures they are recovery experts and legally compliant in their actions.

We understand the level of commitment it takes to successfully pass the examinations and the greater knowledge this brings our Enforcement Agents. Knowledge and experience that we like to pass on to our Clients.

Request verification of our qualifications should you require Enforcement Agent services from Revenue Services.


Photo by Dan Schiumarini on Unsplash